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Study Abroad With Scholarships

Looking to study abroad but worried about the cost? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, some by individual universities, and others by external funding organizations and charitable enterprises.

Searching through all the international scholarships out there can be a pretty mammoth task. But we’ve tried to make this easier by creating lists of scholarships to study abroad, grouped into various categories.


Surprisingly, thousands of dollars worth of scholarships go unclaimed every year, simply because no one applies for them. This money could be yours! The trick is not only knowing where to find study abroad scholarships, but also how to apply for them. Even though they may not fully cover your study abroad costs, they’ll help decrease your expenses and make your study abroad experience more affordable.

Without further ado: let’s get started helping you win some study abroad scholarships!

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Our Reviews

Savita Choudhary Study Visa with Open Work Permit for Spouse

I am elated to share my experience with Mr. Satpal and Mr. Ravinder Gahlot who has guided us to achieve my goal to get study permit at the age of 36 and also a work permit for my spouse along with Visitor visa for my 2 daughters.I had a great experience with sizzling career and the experienced staff, who worked in an organised manner and always ready to communicate whenever a client need to interact with them. I will definitely recommend everyone for Mr. Satpal and his passionate team , who work for making our dream come true. All the aspirants who are looking forward for any type of Temporary Visa or for PR opportunity for US , UK , Australia or Canada can invest with sizzling career as they are truly transparent in their working .

Jyoti Khatri Study Visa with Open Work Permit for Spouse

It was really a tough job to find a knowledgeable consultant to help us for study visa as well as open work permit for spouse. Different people were telling us different stories n processes. We were fortunate enough to find Sizzling career and meet Mr. Satpal Gulia & Mr Ravinder Gahlot. Their knowledge about study visa and spouse visa is incomparable. They were always accessible and answered all our questions very patiently. Me n my husband, both got our visa in the first attempt very quickly because of their seamless documentation and presentation of our visa applications. I wouldn’t hesitate in calling them the best consultant for open work permit for spouse n study visa. Highly recommended👍